kristy leconte

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Client Testimonies


Before taking on any client, Kristy presents them with a survey to get to know them, their goals, their current routines, and what they would like to gain from working together. Each client has a different “why” and Kristy is dedicated to working through the obstacles to reach each clients goals.


I started working with Kristy in February of 2015.  Prior to this, I had always been active but I had little knowledge about weightlifting and nutrition.  I worked out several days a week and ate a vegetarian diet yet I saw little results.  I was about to enter into the world of competitive bodybuilding and Kristy was referred to me as a potential coach.  After some light Instagram creeping, I emailed her and our journey together began.  Through Kristy I learned the ropes when it came to macros, micros, supplements, building muscle, losing fat, posing and weightlifting with proper form.  It took time and hard work but I went from being a very thin girl who was intimidated in the gym to a confident woman with a newfound strength.  It’s been almost 4 years now and Kristy is still my coach.  There were many times over the years when I felt I couldn’t reach my goals and wanted to give up.  No matter what life threw at me, Kristy always believed in me and gave me a kick in the pants when necessary.  Under her guidance my body has transformed,  I’ve placed in the top 5 (usually top 3) at every bodybuilding show I’ve competed in and I won a pro card in the OCB.  Although we’ve accomplished a lot together Kristy continues to be my coach because of who she is as a human being.  She’s an honest, hardworking person with a good heart and I wouldn’t want anyone else in my corner. 


I have been working with Kristy for about 5 years now. In those 5 years, I have kept weight off that I originally lost, gained muscle, learned a TON about nutrition and what works for my body. My favorite part about working with Kristy is she works with the whole person. Part of our weekly check-in is how I am doing emotionally and mentally, what obstacles I might be struggling with, etc. Throughout these years, being able to maintain a healthy weight has been awesome, and even more important than the number on the scale is I feel great! No one is perfect, so at times, I would put on 5 or 6 pounds, and then say KRISTY! HELP! And there she was, helping me with my WHY and resetting goals.

This past year she has helped me in a new way as I became a new mom. I was about 5 pounds heavier than I like to be when I got pregnant, and during pregnancy, I decided to let it all go. Yup, donuts and pizza for this mama! I knew it would be hard to get back, but thanks to Kristy, I reached my goal and surpassed it losing a total of 66 pounds. I’m maintaining my weight, and I am feeling strong! I am 10 pounds less than the weight I have always maintained. I think the best part of this new process is finding a balance. I was really worried that reaching goals would be much harder because my schedule can change on a whim as my priorities have shifted. Kristy has helped me so much with finding a balance, writing programs that fit my schedule and goals, understanding what it is like to be a mom, and always cheering me on. I feel awesome! Having Kristy in my corner to not only hold me accountable but also remind me that I CAN find balance and reach my goals, has brought me success in my fitness journey.

Kristy is an amazing coach because she shares her journey and struggles as well. It’s motivating and helpful to know we are all human! If you have fitness and nutrition goals, big or small, Kristy is an extraordinary coach, mentor, friend and mama!